Ashland School of Environmental Techonolgy

Whole Systems Foundation in order to further its goals is sponsoring the formation of the Ashland School of Environmental Technology.

Ashland School of Environmental Technology (ASET) is a nonprofit organization established in Ashland Oregon to provide hands on education and inspiration to students while simultaneously developing simple positive solutions to global environmental problems. ASET expects to use the income from royalties and sales to become substantially self-supporting as a school/ invention incubator within 5 years. The company is currently developing a technology to use straw for constructing cost effective, energy efficient dwellings in both the developed and developing worlds.

It is clear that new designs, methods and technologies are required to replace the resource depleting activities of the 20th century. It is also clear that poverty needs to be addressed in a more creative way than in the past. The environment cannot sustain the resource drain that would result from raising the living standards of the developing world, even to a modest level, using current technologies.

Our intent is to create a school for young inventors dedicated to finding simpler and environmentally supportive solutions to meet the requirements of sustaining a comfortable lifestyle. The school will be designed to attract students with above average visual-spatial abilities who have not necessarily thrived in the traditional school environment. It is not our intent to create a school for problem students but rather a school that will allow intuitive and insightful students to excel.

The goal of the school goes beyond the mere education of the student. It is our intention to create, develop and market sustainable technologies that can be licensed or sold to provide income for the school and laboratory/workshop facility. Our approach employs synergistic principles to design simple, cost effective solutions to improve utilization of material resources and energy without sacrificing current or future living standards. To this end we have been working with students from the local high school and have begun development of building systems that utilize waste straw and other nontoxic resources to construct inexpensive energy efficient housing.

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