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About Whole Systems

 Whole Systems foundation was founded in 1973 by Neill Smith as the educational arm of Whole Systems Recycling, originator of the first curb-side recycling pick up service in the U.S. The Foundation sponsored classes on recycling, and resource conservation at local elementary schools. Later it funded research in biological methods of breaking down cellulose in waste paper and agricultural waste as a preliminary step to producing alcohol for fuel. In a parallel effort, the Foundation assets were employed in preserving land for open space in Tiburon, California.

In its present function, the Foundation carries on the eclectic tradition by funding a variety of educational and research projects related to energy and resource conservation. We believe that to maintain a reasonable quality of life into the future, requires an integration of new "green" technologies with a global change in human values away from the present consumption oriented society.

Board of Directors

Melanie Smith
Norton Smith
Zachary Smith
Adam Smith

Grant Requests

Whole Systems Foundation is currently re-evaluating its grant program and will not be accepting unsolicited grant proposals until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause.

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